The treatment starts with the very first session, after discussing some questions regarding acid reflux:


– Your symptoms, their frequency and intensity; your personal experiences regarding these

– The effect of certain foods and food ingredients on your mood and symptoms

– Posture and the effect of doing sports

– The effect of any previous treatment methods and medication (medicines, naturopathy etc.)

– Your case history: when did your acid reflux start, could it be linked to any event

– We will analyze your gastroscopy report (if you have one), and explain to you which data contained within it, is relevant and which isn’t.


The next step is the start of the treatment. Click here to find out more about it (including the schedule of the treatment).


The price of the first session is HUF 8,000

The price of any subsequent sessions is HUF 6,000 (per session)


To book an appointment call +36-30-257-8541 or use our CONTACT FORM.


Non-cash payment methods available in our Budapest office:

we accept bank cards, health insurance fund cards and Széchenyi Recreation Cards (SZÉP-cards). 

We operate a bank card reader terminal at our Budapest office which facilitates the application of non-cash payment methods, for example using your health insurance account – you won’t have to waste time on reimbursement.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a bank card reader terminal at our Győr office, therefore no card payment method is available there. If you wish to have the costs of your treatment in our Győr office paid off your health insurance account, we will provide you with a VAT invoice made to your health insurance fund provider, which you can use to have your costs reimbursed later.

Contracted Health Insurance Fund Providers

Allianz, Axa, Balzsam, Danubius, Dimenzió, ERÖ, Életerő, Életút, Generali, Honvéd, Izys, Medicina, Medismart, MKB, Navosz, OTP, Patika, Postás, ProV1ta, Questor, Tempo, Ticket Wellness, Vasutas, Vitamin

Széchenyi Recreation Card (SZÉP-Card)

We accept OTP, MKB and K&H SZÉP-Cards in our Budapest office; the costs of your treatment are paid from the leisure time sub-account.

SZÉP-Card as a paying method is unfortunately unavailable in our Győr office.