The treatment starts right at the first meeting, after having some reflux-related questions discussed. These include:


– The frequency and intensity of the symptoms occurring in your case, and your personal experiences regarding these

– The effects of certain food ingredients on well-being and the symptoms

Posture, and the reflux-related effect of doing sports

– The efficiency of previously applied treatment methods (medication, naturopathic treatments etc)

– Your personal case history, the first occurrence of your symptoms, and whether it can be linked to any event or activity

– The discussion of your gastroscopy report (if you have one), detailing which data is relevant for us and which isn’t.


Next the treatment commences. It consists of the following steps:

  1. A special abdominal massage of our own development, to relax the abdominal fascia and decrease abdominal pressure
  2. The proper technique of abdominal breathing – presentation and exercise
  3. A manual technique to decrease the abdominal pressure and move the stomach downwards
  4. Homework

The treatment is not painful. It might be slightly unpleasant at worst, if the abdominal wall is too tight.

Our aim is certainly not to cause pain, but to ease it, and to cure your acid reflux.

The duration and scheduling of the treatment

One session takes roughly 30 minutes. Complete healing requires 4–5 sessions on average, though in some cases as few as 1 or 2 sessions are enough, while other patients may need 6–8 of them.

The second session comes one week after the first one. The subsequent sessions follow in 1, 2 or 3 weeks depending on whether the patient experiences any improvement after the first session. The more substantial the improvement is the longer the interval until the next session will be.


Since the treatment involves the front abdominal region, this is the only part of the body that must be left free for the treatment. It means any kind of clothing is suitable, you won’t have to either get undressed or change into other clothes for the treatment.


No eating and drinking, with the exception of water, is allowed within 2 hours of the sessions.

Previous tests

Please, bring along any gastroscopy and/or abdominal ultrasound reports you have. The treatment may commence without any kind of such reports and previous tests, and the therapy will reveal whether either of these are necessary.


You can keep any kind of medication you have at the time of applying for our reflux treatment therapy. The first session includes a discussion about how to stop taking antacids and proton pump inhibitors.


We advise you not to make any changes in your diet before the therapy, as any such change will murk the results, making it unclear what change caused what result. The therapy includes a discussion of your diet, but our main goal is to restore, rendering any special dietary measures unnecessary.

Other alternative methods

Please, do not apply other methods during our therapy as, similarly to any dietary modifications, it would murk the interpretation of the results.

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