Will Any Medication Be Necessary?

Doctors usually prescribe either of the following two types of medicine to remedy the symptoms of acid reflux:

  1. antacids
  2. proton pump inhibitors

The pharmacological mechanism of antacids

Antacids chemically neutralize gastric acid, fully or partly. The main benefit of antacids is that they soften the caustic properties of gastric acid. One of its risks on the other hand, is that they hinder digestion. No wonder: digestion requires gastric acid. If it is neutralized the stomach will be unable to process food. Another risk of antacids is that there is a fair likelihood of side effects, including bloating, occurring which stems from the indigestion mentioned above. Bloating increases the pressure inside the abdominal cavity, making antacids susceptible to increase the symptoms of acid refluxA hasi nyomás jelentőségéről itt olvashat bővebben.

The pharmacological mechanism of pump inhibitors

Proton pump inhibitors have similar effects as antacids however, they achieve them in a different way: they block the production of gastric acid.

Is there really a legit reason to take medicine?

  • We are far from being “anti-medicine”, as they are the sole weapon in the doctors’ hand (excluding surgery), so prescribing medicine is the only thing they can do.
  • There are severe cases where the patient must take some kind of medication to keep the symptoms on bearable levels.
  • Taken occasionally, on a temporary basis the severe side effects of these drugs seldom occur.

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